Al-Ahli Leather Factory Company Ltd.

The company uses the latest technology in the fields of tanning, finishing and fabrication. Machinery is imported from Italy and France, while chemicals are mainly imported from Germany, France, Italy and Spain.

 Wet Blue Section:  

The daily production capacity of wet blue is estimated to be around 18000 various size skins with high standard selection criteria as per the following grades and types:

Types Grades Percents
ABCD  E   EE  TR (1-6)  R   RR  CUT PCs
Arabic - Najdi
Barbary - Swakiny

 Crust and Finishing Section:  

All types of skins for various purposes (garments, shoes, sandals, furniture...etc.) are produced in different colors at a high standard to the satisfaction of our clients.

 Fur Section:  

Furs are produced mainly from Marino and Arabic skins. Raw skins are sorted on high standard according to the length of the hair and size of the skin. The daily production capacity is about 1000 pieces.

 Wool Section:  

All types of white, black and mixed colored wool are produced mainly from Arabic and Marino skins. The monthly production capacity of the company is estimated to be around 5-6 containers.

 Leather Goods Section:  

All types of men's, ladies and children's shoes and sandals are produced in the company using our own finished leather. The daily production capacity is around 1500 different colored pairs to meet the requirements of our clients everywhere.

The company launched a collection of fashionable day and evening bags with different sizes and designs. Moreover, we produce leather belts, leather key chains, wallets, file cases and many other leather products that meet the demands of national and international markets.

The company also produces a wide range of fashionable leather jackets made from finished sheepskin in a design (remove) to suit the taste of our younger generation.

The company's efficient and talented technicians can also precisely fabricate any special designs from samples submitted to the satisfaction of our clients.


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